Meet Dr. Maria Gonzalez-Cook 


Dr. Gonzalez-Cook received her California dental license in 1993 and began private practice in San Jose before moving to Orange County in 1999. In 2006, she relocated from Mission Viejo to Spain with her family. She received her license to practice dentistry in Spain and the European Union from the University of Oviedo, Spain in 2011 and was in private practice in the Canary Islands, Spain until recently.

Dr. Maria Gonzalez-Cook joined our practice in 2016 after returning to California from Europe. She shares a common approach to dentistry with Dr. Casabianca which has always been centered around the constant appreciation and honest care for her patients, providing them with the exceptional attention and care they deserve. She is very comfortable in practicing all facets of general dentistry and appreciates the reward of beautiful smiles from her happy patients.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cook recently became involved in humanitarian missions offering her professional services through organizations such as Built to Last Mission, a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to giving needy children around the world a chance to better their lives through education.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cook is a proud mother of two children. When she has free time, she enjoys entertaining and cooking for friends and family. She is quite a gourmet cook. She also enjoys travel, particularly to Spain to visit family and friends.

Dr. Gonzalez-Cook is an active member of the followings dental organizations:

● American Dental Association
● California Dental Association
● Orange County Dental Association

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