Meet Dr. Ivan Casabianca 
 Dr. Casabianca

Dr. Casabianca specializes in Dental Implants and General Dentistry. He obtained his dental degree DDS in 1994, since then, he has masterfully expanded his knowledge, skills and experience by teaching and leading extensive surgical training programs throughout the United States. He is actively involved in humanitarian missions offering his professional services all around the world, in which he has personally overseen and directed more than 20,000 live dental implant placements.

Dr. Casabianca is an internationally known dentist, entrepreneur, instructor, and speaker in the field of dentistry and implantology. He knows how important a dental continuing education is, as well as the need for mentorship and hands-on training. He is the recognized expert clinician that dentists seek in order to obtain the highest level of competence in dental implants; he is regarded as the go-to trainer by many dentists.

Dr. Casabianca’s approach to dentistry has always been centered around the constant appreciation and honest care for his patients, providing them with the exceptional attention and care they deserve. Besides his private practice in Laguna Hills,  he is the founder of ITC Seminars, a leading nationwide and international dental CE Provider.

Dr.  Casabianca is a proud member of the followings dental organizations:
● California Dental Association
● American Dental Implant Association
● International Dental Implant Association
● Orange County Dental Association
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